Duben 2014

food hangover

17. dubna 2014 v 17:11 | Perfection

I just realised that me dreamy guy is taken, oops! No way. haha! So these little thing make me work harder! So I did it! Woke up with big tummy ache, no doubt after that massive bulk. The day after is always very hard, so start eat clean and stuff, but I made it and thats important, isnt it! Three fallowing days will be amazing, I wanna try my best! Seventy is coming very very soon!


17. dubna 2014 v 0:28 | Perfection |  moje kecy
Ive been bulking for two evenings now and I already feel like a big fat whatever. This is no ok. I was eating so well today, then suddenly something happened and I failed again. That was massive bulk, that u cant even imagine. I felt sick for a bit. I was not able to stop. Definitelly not ok.


Anyway.. this was supposed to be a great day, I had a good fun with the kids until 4. Then i failed with the food, cant even remember the amount of food. I need to be more organized. I will do. Tomorrow is a new day. Cant afford fail anymore and ruin what i have earned so far.

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just got back from the pub, tell me why do I still hang out with these little kids, no freaking way. Time to move on. Cant wait when is Ch. back! Missing him so much right now.

year ago

15. dubna 2014 v 23:21 | Perfection |  moje kecy
its been a year since my last article. I was crazy about that guy called Will, he was supposed to come over during the Easter holiday, but he didnt make it. As usual.

Now here I am again. Ive lost 8 kilos and fucked my died up tonight again. People should get what they deserve, right? So hence why im gonna wake up like a new person tomorrow and try my best to reach 70kg soon! I wanna reach this till the end of April and I will make this happen.